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Dirt-Locker Newsletter


planting on steep slopes

Mark Trebelcock is the Inventor of the Dirt-Locker Hillside Terracing System!

Mark Trebilcock was raised in Miami, Florida, and currently lives in Santa Clarita, CA. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering and Management Systems from University of Central Florida as well as an MBA in International Business from St. Mary’s College in Northern California.

As a teenager, Mark had a passion for gardening which led him to start a small side business mowing his neighbors’ lawns. As he gained more customers, he found ways to make process improvements to increase his earnings by saving money, time and resources. Because of his love for process improvements it seemed natural to pursue a degree in Industrial Engineering. Mark maintained his love of landscaping throughout the years, always trying to find solutions to gardening problems. He eventually left the flat lands of Florida and moved to California where he continued pursuing his passion for gardening as well as his career in manufacturing excellence for St. Jude Medical Incorporated. It was in California, however, that Mark’s passion for creating beautiful landscapes was challenged when attempting to grow on the sloped terrains. Mark’s ability to problem solve kicked in when he knew that he had to overcome the steep slopes, water shortages, and clay soil in his region. This is how the Dirt-Locker was born. After several iterations, and nearly 10 years of trial and error, Mark’s persistence won out and the Dirt-Locker was developed in such a way that it not only saves water, improves the growth success of plants, but also requires no special hardware, reduces erosion, and is environmentally friendly using 100% recycled post-consumer waste High Density Polyethylene (HDP). Mark continues to enthusiastically tackle any slope in order to grow where no one has grown (successfully) before!